SMARTShip™ Overview

SMARTShip™ is a Cloud hosted dual core extensible platform that connects to a large number of ships to collect live data and provide real time analytics and insights to increase operational efficiency. The goal is to provide economic insights to unlock the business potential of an organization. Its breakthrough user experience and ease of use helps with faster decision making in day-to-day operations and overall product adoption across the organization.

SMARTShip™ leverages our proprietary hardware & software and cloud-based infrastructure to collect and transmit more than 5000 data points from various systems on board. It utilizes the data collected to create value for stakeholders, often including additional information, such as weather overlay, statutory and regulatory information etc. The front end user experience includes intuitive applications which facilitate monitoring and diagnostics of operational issues. Features such as optimization of total fuel consumption and workbench for the creation of intelligent alerts & leading indicators are an integral part of SMARTShip™. Quick visualization dashboard for critical assets and their parameters is available with drill-down options showing all related parameters in list and graph views. Real-time location monitoring including weather overlays to get a quick connect to ship is available anytime and from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Modular hardware system installed at critical places, transferring engine, cargo, and navigational data to shore
  • Flexible platform to host > 5000 data points live from a ship (30 sec average, could go down to every second)
  • Intuitive and easy to operate dashboard for providing critical operating parameters, camera views and screen replications, to instantly connect any user to the ship
  • Specialized applications for performance management of ships including optimization of total fuel consumption over voyage, predictive maintenance and geofencing based solutions such as ECA area advisory
  • Unique Remote, Monitoring and Diagnostic (RMD) capability, monitoring not only operational parameters from equipment but also the heartbeat of the equipment giving, early warning of an upcoming malfunction
  • Customizable alert generation system provides a workbench for configuration of alert from any of the parameters being collected and made available on the dashboard, SMS or email seamlessly
  • Ruggedized to maritime usage and secure installation onboard compliant with AL-SAFE 3 notation from Lloyds Register
  • Scalable core data science models at Cloud platform and parsed models on ship server providing edge analytic capabilities for onboard decision making
  • Scalable platform architecture designed to incorporate both - inhouse applications as well as 3rd party applications using APIs
  • Easy modular deployment for New Builds as well as Retrofit (while sailing, at a port or in a dock)
  • User management capability for creating and managing access rights for ship and shore users based on their hierarchy

SMARTShip™ Platform

AOT SMARTShip™ software runs on our Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The AOT’s IoT platform is a suite of components that enable; Remote data collection from connected devices, Deployment of applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices. AOT Platform resides on a cloud as well as local servers and, collects data from various data acquisition units - alpha NAV, alpha ECR and alpha CCR, local sensors and various standalone pieces of equipment onboard.

AOT’s IoT platform plays a pivotal role in equipping our solutions with remote control and real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, pluggable cloud services, and integration with consumers’ smartphones and other devices.

SMARTShip™ allows a swift integration of 3rd party applications from other industry players into our platform. An integrated hardware and software solution is delivered and installed by Alpha Ori personnel on your vessel as well as remote monitoring stations. The ruggedized hardware is built to endure typical harsh conditions aboard ships.

We believe it’s essential to have end-to-end security built-in. Security must permeate through all aspects of data collection and transmission, from device booting and authentication, access control, firewalling, data transmission and updates and patches. At AOT, all communications internal to SMARTShip™ platform (i.e. ship to shore) wherever data is transmitted over public internet, is fully encrypted using Industry accepted best practices.

In a multi-tenant environment, each customer’s data is isolated from the others through a multi-tenant data architecture. Multi-tenancy is enforced by associating ship data to correct tenant and, using a proprietary data access mechanism that enforces the separation of data by ship owners/operators.

We use HTTPS as the standard format for accessing any SMARTShip™ data using a browser over public internet.

  • SMARTShip™ Real-time

    Get real-time data such as vessel speed, consumption, essential voyage information

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  • SMARTShip GO - Mobile App

    SMARTShip GO is an extension of our SMARTShip web application and provides users with accessible information on the vessel’s . . .

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  • AHPM

    Automated Hull Performance Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of hull performance characteristics . . .

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  • SMARTAnalytics

    SMARTAnalytics is an intelligent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) portal that shows ship - specific performance metrics . . .

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  • Charter Party Dashboard

    Charter Party Dashboard provides a one click overview of Charter Party performance for all ships in the fleet

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  • TFOC

    Optimizes TFOC over a voyage by simultaneously evaluating various parameters

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  • RMD

    Allows to pick and observe parameters in real time and assist in identifying any causal relations

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  • SMART Notifications

    Enables users to define, view, and subscribe (according to user privilege) to system alerts

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  • AssetAI

    Provides real time insights, detect failures early and prescribe maintenance actions

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  • ECA

    Guides ship staffs to successfully enter and exit ECA zone without any non compliance

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  • E-logs & Reports

    Generate reports on demand directly from an equipment without any human intervention

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SMARTShip™ Real-time

SMARTShip™ Real-time software enables shore users to visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data such as vessel speed, consumption, essential voyage information in real-time. This feature also enables the superintendent or vessel manager at shore to virtually visit a ship in his/her fleet, view ship performance live as well as historically and, drill down to individual parameters in the asset view. Notification related to fleet and ship are available live, and analysis can be completed with the click of a button.

Key Features

  • Live connection to ship 24 X 7. Real Time reports on demand
  • Real time and historical visualization of any equipment parameter available
  • Live notification from the ship about alerts and preset conditions
  • Access to intelligent analysis combining one or more parameters in real time
  • Possibility to see wind, wave, current and other weather parameters at ship’s location
  • Capability to create cases for subsequent communication


  • Virtually have access to your ship anytime
  • Direct visibility into ship and equipment current condition 24X7
  • Reduced dependency on Ship crew for condition monitoring
  • Shore staff’s ability to assist ship crew better during emergencies

SMARTShip GO - Mobile App

SMARTShip GO is an extension of our SMARTShip web application and provides users with accessible information on the vessel’s commercial, technical and navigation status. The objective of our mobile app is to provide easy access to relevant vessel information on the Go for our SMARTShip customers. Through the app, the current SMARTShip users can constantly monitor and keep a track of the vessel’s progress in real-time and receive critical alerts. Users can make informed decisions on various vessel related activities and goals like asset health, predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency etc.

With SMARTShip GO, the SMARTShip customers can :
• Virtually visit a ship in his/her fleet
• Visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data in real-time
• Get SMARTNotification on the app for critical alerts
• Track vessel fuel savings and carbon emissions
• Make accurate and timely decision to maximize vessel efficiency

Customers can also get alerted on compliance zones and manage their AI based predictive maintenance applications (i.e. detect failures early with dynamic alert mechanism, check component health score and RUL estimation). SMARTShip GO is a value-add to the current customers’ user experience on the SMARTShip platform.

Key Features

  • Dynamic alert mechanism/ push Notification
  • Real time vessel status (Navigation, Maps, Online)
  • Monitor vessel performance (TFOC, AssetAI, My Overviews)
  • Case management for communication
  • Access to manual and video tutorials


  • Easy connectivity to SMARTShip
  • Higher engagement through push notifications etc.
  • Provide relevant information in quick and easy steps
  • Enable better communication between parties
  • Enable better remote monitoring of the ship operations

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of hull performance characteristics of the selected vessel and all impacting parameters. The module allows users to track maintenance performed on the hull and compare hull conditions with respect to various user defined benchmarks. It further allows users to check consumption at various speeds while taking into account current loading (draft) and hull condition.

Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring of hull performance from delivery to docking
    • Compared to initial hull condition
    • Events such as hull cleaning can be recorded
  • Impact of wave, wind and current measured and displayed in a wave rose
  • Impact of ocean zones based and its impact on hull condition
  • Baselining of hull performance in each loading condition
  • Fuel Oil consumption calculator at various speeds and current loading (draft) and hull condition


  • Real time hull monitoring based on live data and corresponding FO consumption
  • Allow hull condition benchmarking from delivery to docking and
  • Provide data driven decision support and trigger for hull cleaning
  • Helps identify FO consumption considering current hull condition and predict consumption for upcoming voyage


SMARTAnalytics is an intelligent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) portal that shows ship - specific performance metrics and allows users to view and benchmark ship performance against baseline based on LIVE data. The module provides key insights related to various performance parameters, highlighting their relationships and identifying any anomalies sea and shop performance trials.

Key Features

  • Three default KPI categories
    • Voyage KPIs - Measures and present important KPIs for a voyage and users can check the performance of current voyage and historical voyages and identifies anomalies
    • Ship KPIs - Measures and presents KPIs on a daily basis and users can see and compare historical trends and identifies anomalies against baseline
    • Monthly KPIs - Measures and present performance curves for kep ship parameters and displays deviation from the sea and shop performance trials
  • Customizable KPIs category
  • Ability to define user specific KPIs through overview manager
  • Ability to filter KPIs by ship operational profile and weather
  • Deviations from baseline conditions
  • Sea and Shop Performance trials views


  • Ship performance visibility and transparency based on LIVE sensor data
  • Measures ship operations in various conditions
  • Allows vessel performance evaluation and improves decision making
  • Optimize all ongoing and future voyages
  • Get insights on every ship’s performance profile

Charter Party Dashboard

Charter Party Dashboard provides a one click overview of Charter Party performance for all ships in the fleet. The dashboard is built by continuous monitoring of all constituents of a charter party, such as speed, consumption, wave, wind, current and deviation from route. A traffic light system is used to display compliance or non-compliance providing immediate overview. A deep drill down to detailed time series data is available shipwise for each constituent parameter.

Key Features

  • Provides a quick overview of Charter Party performance for all ships in fleet
  • Traffic light system for summary information, detailed drill down possible with a click
  • Continuous monitoring of Charter Party parameters generated from ship, such as speed and consumption and from third party, such as weather, all available in single dashboard
  • Possible to include manual information related to a parameter
  • Possible to integrate with Wave radar for very accurate measurement of wave, current and speed through water information


  • Improved fleet wide monitoring of Charter Party parameters onboard and onshore
  • Complete transparency and reduced communication efforts and cost amongst multiple stakeholders
  • Early identification of charter party non compliance and execution of corrective measures
  • Best possible weather information for ship’s location and side by side comparison of weather data from multiple sources
  • Reduced cost of claims related to charter party

Total Fuel Oil Consumption (TFOC)

SMARTShip™ Total Fuel Oil Consumption (TFOC) module optimizes the total fuel oil consumption over a voyage by simultaneously evaluating vessel speed, its design data, shop/sea trial performance, lay can for the voyage and weather parameters to arrive at most desired outcomes. Key metrics for the voyage is available in terms of fuel saved, its dollar value and associated CO2 reduction. Various scenarios such as fastest speed, best weather condition and choice of using a particular algorithm is available.

Our TFOC module runs on AOT’s Big Data platform leveraging distributed cloud computing capability to evaluate over 80 million combinations for a typical 10 day voyage. The output is rendered to the ship master, every 3 hours in form of an advice for heading and speed.

Key Features

  • Real-time ship tracking and optimized routing with consideration of laycan, speed, vessel design and weather conditions
  • Optimal total fuel oil consumption over voyage with heading and speed guidance
  • Evaluation of 80 million + combinations to arrive at suggestions for best consumption
  • Scenario based evaluations such as fastest speed and best weather possible
  • Comparison and benchmarking possible against a given guideline, such as charter party or of hull performance after last drydock


  • Significant $$ savings
  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Real time visibility to shore personnel
  • Allow energy efficiency benchmarking
  • Meeting Charterer’s requirements and making the ship commercially attractive

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RMD)

Remote monitoring and diagnostic (RMD) allows the user to pick up a parameter or a group of parameters to be observed in real time and assist in identifying any causal relations directly by showing them in a visual graph. The module also allows selection of values in history, thus allowing a user to revisit any parameter at a point/period of time in history for problem solving.

The module can be accessed by either by drilling down in a particular machinery through its system, subsystem and group levels or through the “Analyze” button in the alert and notification section.. Both digital and and analog values can be shown.

Key Features

  • Simple search based tool to pull in any tag for plotting of graph or trendline
  • Available to onboard crew and at shore
  • Allows user to see the plot in real time or go back in history to select a period
  • Provides quick analyse capability to an alert or notification for root cause identification


  • Faster root cause identification
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Shore side staff or a 3rd party OEM ability to view historical data remotely and assist in root cause identification
  • Co-relating data across systems and subsystems at same time scale

SMART Notifications

This functionality enables users to define, view, and subscribe (according to user privilege) to system notification and alerts. System notification can be categorized into various risk levels – Alarm, Warning, Caution and Info. Users can subscribe/unsubscribe to a range of available alerts and configure new ones. Also it is possible for the user to include business rules and math formulas on the edge to receive intelligent alerts or combine more than one parameter to evaluate conditional scenarios. Users will be able to get updates on their subscribed alerts via SMS, Emails, or on Dashboard.

Key Features

  • Creates intelligent alerts giving leading alerts to an upcoming problem
  • Possible to use more than one tags simultaneously to generate conditional alerts
  • Alarm condition for any parameter for ships available on dashboard, email or sms based on user preference
  • Possible to perform further drill down analysis on the parameter causing the alert
  • Possible to perform math functions on parameters such as average, count etc


  • Receive alerts on seemingly unrelated events across systems/ subsystems
  • Preempt Alarm conditions and eventual damage to equipments
  • Enhance ship crew’s ability to respond faster

AssetAI Predictive Maintenance

The SMARTShip AssetAI module is a marine specialized cloud based predictive maintenance solution that provides real time insights, detects failures early and prescribes maintenance actions using continuous monitoring technologies, machine learning techniques, and big data analytics. The predictive maintenance model is processed with a 360° view of asset utilization by using a combination of marine engineering and data analytics. The module runs on a real time basis, learns from sensor data of associated assets and utilizes the right machine learning algorithm to provide actionable insights. The user friendly dashboard incorporates an alert mechanism to identify performance degradations early and guides users to understand the root cause and take appropriate action.

In order to suit company needs, AssetAI is offered in two packages, basic and plus. With an upgrade at a marginal cost, the plus version of AssetAI maximizes value by providing a closed loop solution to asset management. AssetAI+ incorporates job close out reports and goes further than anomaly detection to evaluate and quantify current health and remaining useful life of equipment components. The system enables both the crew and the shore staff to make data driven decisions on engine performance and adjustments of maintenance and overhaul intervals.

Key Features

Basic Version
  • Advanced anomaly detection using machine learning
  • Intelligent early alerting mechanism with actionable recommendations
  • Online equipment performance analysis reports
  • Shop trial comparison against current performance
  • Mobile application (Android & iOS) support Plus Version
Plus Version
  • Assess current health of equipment condition
  • Remaining useful life (RUL) estimation of equipment
  • Maintenance log with ERP integration


  • Increase asset reliability and availability
  • Optimize maintenance costs and improve maintenance planning
  • Mitigate operational risks
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Provide continuous visibility of asset condition

Emission Control Area (ECA) Compliance App

SMARTShip™ solution has a unique App features to display various marine geofencing areas including ECA, High risk area, EEZ and various MARPOL areas etc on its map layer that enables remote monitoring of the ships getting closer to these geographic areas and automatic detections of the ships entering or exiting these areas.

ECA App acts as decision support system for ship staffs and guide them to successfully enter and exit ECA zone without any non compliance. The complexity being entire fuel change over process from High Sulphur to Low sulphur and vice versa during the voyage. The module automatically identifies ships ECA entry and exit based on ship’s parameters and sensor data and provide fuel change over event identification and notify users to take appropriate action. The system further provides ECA zone display on map, provides regulations access and generate reports for auditing purposes.

Key Features

  • Continuous visibility to ship position
  • Ability to receive alerts prior to entering
  • Calculates time for changeover and notifies in advance
  • Maintains event record with timestamp
  • Ability to configure all FO tanks and maintain sulphur record book


  • Decrease ECA-SOx related violation
  • Improve company reputation
  • Increase fuel savings
  • Optimize fuel consumption $$
  • Reduce CO2 and SOx emission

E-logs and Reports

SMARTShip™ provides the ability to generate Reports on demand. Gone are the days when a shipowner must wait for the Noon Report to find out the basic details regarding vessel’s status. With SMARTShip™ deployment the Ship Owner can pull the automated reports as and when they like. Moreover, he/she can trust the report (i.e. fuel consumption, ROB, position etc) as they come directly from equipment without any human intervention.

In addition, today’s maritime world (Flag states and Regulatory authorities) requires various E-logs and reports for compliance. SMARTShip™ not only provide these reports on demand thereby reducing burden on ship crew but also provides the ability to add additional parameters into the report.

Key Features

  • Aggregation of key parameters over a given period is available in report form for quick retrieval and collation as report
  • Standard reports and templates are included and generated on regular intervals
  • Additional parameters can be added to a report
  • New report in format desired can be customized and included as per need


  • No possibility of human errors
  • Automated data pull from ship creates trust
  • Time saving in manually creating templates and collation of parameters
  • Reduces repetitive task for ship staff so they can focus on other valuable works
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