Business Intelligence

Increased Productivity – Business Intelligence Reports

A wide range of Business Intelligence features are available in ShipPalm to support decision makers in their daily vessel efficiency management. ShipPalm provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real-time and on-the-vessel data collection & local business intelligence reports.

Key Features

  • Vessel Budget Variance
  • Incident Analysis
  • Crew and Age Profiling
  • Fleet Composition Analysis
  • Voyage Performance analysis
  • PMS Overdue jobs Analysis
  • Incident Analysis


Our product ‘ShipPalm’ is a web architected integrated Ship Operations ERP Solution which helps ship and shore staff manage operations for the entire fleet. ShipPalm is an environment friendly solution which brings complete transparency, accountability and the highest level of safety at ship owners’ fingertips. It is built in tandem with ship operators and superintendents to create customized workflows to drive peak efficiency with key modules developed to drive TOTAL ship management.

  • Purchase

    Offers a one-stop solution for all your Ship Management purchase needs

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  • PMS

    Easy to use module designed to cost effectively manage vessel maintenance tasks

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  • Voyage Management

    Comprehensive ship management software to monitor vessels and voyage information

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  • DMS

    Helps to manage documents effectively by reducing the burden of paper work

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  • QMS

    Keep track of deviation,defects in the vessel and ensure proper follow up

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  • Certificate management

    Maintains ship specific statutory documents and certificates issued across the fleet

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  • Crewing

    Encompasses all needs of Ship Owners, Managers and Manning companies

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  • Intouch mobile app

    Helps you to get in touch with the Person In Charge for the respective departments

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The ShipPalm PURCHASE module offers a one-stop solution for all your Ship Management purchase needs and automates the purchasing function of the entire fleet. The system is capable to manage large purchase volumes with ease. The procurement department get to see that everything is ordered with correct approvals.

Activities including raising and approving purchase orders, selecting and ordering the product or service is handled electronically. The module also enables the procurement department to get the best value by combining several orders for the same type of good or even getting suppliers to bid for the business.

Key Features

  • Seamless automation and integration with any third-party Invoicing & Accounting Modules
  • Ship-Shore seamless integration enables auto-receipt of Purchase request in shore side with notification to end users
  • RFQ triggered through mail & ShipServ (based on the vendors convenience), allows the vendors to save the quote directly in to application
  • Provision to choose multiple Quote Comparison template based on the item category
  • Enables comparison for alternative and offer item across vendors along with option to switch to different layouts
  • Integration with third party applications like 1. ShipServ – e-procurement platform for Ship purchases 2. Eyeshare (DMS) and ShipNet (Accounts)


The ShipPalm PMS is a sophisticated, but easy to use, module designed to cost effectively manage vessel maintenance tasks. It offers a common Vessel and Office Software suite that enables users to plan, monitor, record and implement complex maintenance tasks, including compliance reporting and innovative predictive maintenance monitoring.

The software helps both the ship’s crew and the shore staff to manage maintenance for the entire vessel and fleet with seamless data consistency between Ship & Shore, thus improving to & fro communication.

Key Features

  • Planned, scheduled, predictive and condition based maintenance tasks
  • Analysis of maintenance history and reporting
  • Complete fleet job standardization and Component management
  • Complete fleet KPI’s- Key Performance Indicators for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance to improve the overall performance
  • Built with TMSA and audits in mind- To improve and measure safety management systems
  • Stock / spare part management- Update stock count based on spare parts consumed during maintenance tasks
  • Task list dashboard for on-board engineers and technical office staff
  • DNV GL Implementation Team- Availability of dedicated DNV GL implementation team with expertise in ship management

Voyage Management

The ShipPalm Voyage Management module is a comprehensive ship management software to monitor the current position of vessels, view voyage specific information, port related data, bunkering and consumption details.

The module helps to initiate and monitor vessel and voyage specific daily reports and also customize them. It assists in good management & operations of the fleet and also helps to analyze and get insights from voyage related historical data.

Key Features

  • Vessel Position Tracking- Monitor vessel position with live AIS Plot
  • Schedule voyages and initiate daily reports
  • Monitor daily reports from ship such as Noon Reports & Event Reports, Bunkering & Bunkering Survey Reports and Voyage Schedule along with agent details
  • Customized daily report parameters specific to each vessel
  • Database of all Port Calls and Agent Details
  • Report History which enables historical comparison of voyage report parameters
  • Port Repository: Archive of Incidents, Inspections, Port Calls, Port Circulars, Crew List and Inspections of the respective port
  • Compliance with EU-MRV Regulations
  • Data Trending and Analysis


The ShipPalm DMS is a system to manage and store documents, thereby reducing the burden of paper work. It provides a means to incorporate standard physical document filing process electronically with advanced search, version control and various level of user access.

It is a system for management and maintenance of documents including safety management manuals, quality management manuals, technical documents, rules and regulations etc. to be followed onshore and offshore, thus promoting safety and efficient operation on the vessels.

Key Features

  • Accessible from anywhere across the globe via the web interface
  • Text and Metadata based search
  • Record keeping and Archiving
  • Version Control - Fail proof version control system for check-in check-out ability and saving with date, time and user specific stamping for audit purpose
  • Read Receipts - You can see the list of users who viewed the document along with number of views for the document
  • Tagging- Capturing key data about the document for cataloguing storing and search & retrieval
  • Folder creation up-to ‘n’ levels maintaining parent-child relationship
  • User roles – Provision to assign varying levels of user roles
  • User tracking and log keeping – Audit trail of document activity to protect and preserve intellectual property
  • E-Mail – Integration with e-mail to send and receive documents as attachments. Seamless integration with the proposed Mail Management System
  • URL support – Possibility to send a secure link to the document via e-mail rather than e-mailing the entire document


With the ShipPalm Quality Management module, you can keep track of deviations in the vessel, ensure proper follow up, initiate tasks to monitor and close the defects and assign corrective actions to rectify the defect.

When a deviation of any sort is detected, the event is reported based on the category they belong to like near miss, accidents, machinery defect, non-conformities and observations. The job appears on the task list and then you can assess and follow up the job. Both vessel and office can track the job status simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Report Incidents, Machinery Defects, Inspections Details, Audit details and their respective source
  • Keep track of defect details - Track the complete cycle of defect from reporting till its closure with supporting evidence (s)
  • Corrective Action Database – Repository of all the corrective actions which allows you to monitor the corrective actions of various defect sources and follow up on its progress
  • Prompt Ship Shore communication - Online Communication wall that enables instant communication between vessel and shore
  • Circulate Incident Details- It is possible to spread the incident details across the fleet with notification on the vessel side and receipt of acknowledgement in the shore side
  • Tagging insurance cases against the defect and link with respective Invoices
  • Maintain a database of findings based on the SIRE questionnaire that aid in preparation of audits
  • Integration with other modules: 1. With PMS Component Structure, for raising Machinery Defects and Work Order 2. With Crewing, for make injury reports 3. With Purchase, for tracking the status of defect against the Purchase Request

Certificate Management

The ShipPalm Certificate Management module maintains ship specific statutory documents and certificates issued across the fleet.

It initiates tasks on nearing certificate expiry to ensure that certificates are up to date. Verification of existing certificates and managing change of old certificates can be easily done with the help of this module.

Key Features

  • Certificate Database- Maintain certificate database of all certificates and/or associated surveys
  • Approval mechanism to verify the data which ensures data accuracy
  • Status tracking- Continuous Certificate status tracking related to vessels
  • Tracking and reminders for Deviations such as COC, Dispensations and linking to components if applicable
  • Send Certificates as Links- Bouquet creation to send certificates as a link instead of attachments


The ShipPalm Crewing module encompasses all needs of Ship Owners, Managers and Manning companies. The product supports Crewing and its related operations like Planning, Crew appraisals, Managing/storing crew documents.

A Payroll module can be integrated with the crewing module and helps in crew payroll related calculations such as crew wages, overtime, leave pay, cash to master, allotment and various other expenses.

Key Features

  • Directly integrate new crew applications coming from various career websites
  • Storing and managing Seafarer’s basic data such as CVs and crew list
  • Provision to generate ‘Purchase Order’ to vendor directly through the system for the crew regarding Airfare, Cab, Training, Medicals, Hotel and Flag
  • Print/upload crew specific and generic forms from the system
  • Display alerts when crew certificates are expiring
  • Planning of seafarers for the on board crews and extract planner report from the system
  • Analysis of compliance requirements related to company, flag, owner, vessel type, rank
  • Managing and storing scanned documents
  • Auto generation of the sea contract from the system based on the template
  • Common monitoring screens for tracking crew compliments on board for their period of contract and their certificates
  • Report generation from the system like Crew age report, Crew list on board, Crew Planner report

In Touch mobile App

InTouch App helps you to get in touch with the Person In Charge for the respective departments. It is fully access driven, making you decide on who has to see what piece of information within the app.

The data in the app is secured using seamless encryption method. InTouch App uses a clean UI to make the data standout to you. App helps the user to have control over the data being used to sync data. InTouch app can be used Offline with the latest data sync.

Key Features

  • Call, Message and Mail with ease
  • Add contacts- Add InTouch Contacts to your Contact List
  • Mark as Favorite- Mark your favorite Contact & Vessels within InTouch
  • Deep dive into large amount of details with extensive search
  • Setting up Data Control
  • Easy Navigation and Clean UI: User can view and access the relevant data with ease

Upcoming Modules

Dry Dock

Planning dry-dock projects are often time consuming and considered the most expensive and complex maintenance event. The Dry Dock module is a tool designed for shipping companies to control dockings. This module connects the needs of the vessel, office and vendors seamlessly and plans all the tasks required when ships are in Dry Dock. <

Key Features

  • Creation and editing of Dry Dock specifications from Ship / Shore
  • Creating a Dry Dock package from the Dry Dock specifications and generating a Query to be sent to yards based on a template for RFQ
  • Completing the cycle of the Dry Dock specifications by closure of related jobs, work orders and defects in PMS
  • Archiving of Dry Dock specifications to be used as reference
  • Generation of Dry Dock work done reports

Portage Bill

The Portage Bill module shows the total earnings of each member of the crew. It debits the owners for the gross total earning of all on board, and credits them with any sums they may have advanced to any one of the officers or crew

Key Features

  • Integrated with Crewing module on real-time basis
  • Provision to send multiple allotments in same period
  • Linked with Accounts Module (ShipNet) for entry posting during Allotment and Final Payroll
  • Option to view the Crew BOW on real-time basis
  • Integrated Master Cash Ledger and CTM request process (end to end)
  • Statutory reports readily available for India and Philippines

Work & Rest Hours

The ShipPalm Work & Rest Hours module helps to record crew rest hours and maintain the shipboard working arrangements quickly and easily. It allows the vessel crew personnel to monitor, report and maintain records for work and rest hours.

Key Features

  • Maintain records of individual sea farers work and rest hours
  • Compliance with STCW 2010, the ILO MLC, US OPA 90 and OCIMF recommendations to prevent crew fatigue
  • Warnings on potential non-conformities during planning phase facilitating optimal planning
  • Approval mechanism for non-conformities
  • Rest and work hours summary and Fleet-wise Vessel level summary reports
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