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Alpha Ori ™ Technologies (AOT) is a B2B Technology company operating in IoT (Internet of Things), ShipERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BigDATA science. We use cutting edge technologies to solve real-world issues for every stakeholder in the logistics value chain - Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Port Management, Surveyors, Ship Registries, P&I Clubs, Shipbuilders and others.

Hundreds of thousands of ships carrying hundreds of millions tons of cargo. That's how much cargo is traveling around the world at any given time. Food you eat, clothes you wear, fuel you burn to cook food or heat up your house/office, cars you drive, equipments you use to play games with, phones and tablets you use. chances are that they all have been on a ship carried from one continent to another. Shipping industry is a vital piece of puzzle in this age of globalization. Despite its growth and global presence the shipping industry has been operating in mechanical era/ 20th century model. We aim to change the status quo.

Our Mission starts with the question - What is a ship?

Ship as a Digital Enterprise ™ - This captures the essence of our thinking. Our mission is to digitally connect the entire ecosystem within the ship, plug this ship into a digital cloud that connects to many other ships, and create the system, tools, business process that are needed to activate remote monitoring and control of these digitally connected ships, while using collected data as a strategic weapon to drive economic value to the business (Eg: Fuel savings, predictive maintenance, enhanced asset utilization etc)


We are a team of Engineers, Data Scientists, Academician, Technologists, Business strategists, Management executives and Marine professionals. We are a diverse group of like minded professionals from varied cultural background, language proficiency, geographical residence (USA, Singapore, India) each having unique experience and expertise gained from decades of working in many different high tech industries (Qualcomm, Google, CISCO, Global IT consulting firms, Twitter, Academia, Marine industry). Together, we focus on a single goal—build technology solutions to usher shipping industry into the digital era.

We are called dreamers, inventors, rebels, risk takers, pioneers and geeks. We embrace those labels because in many ways, they’re true. We dream big. We invent bigger. We play hard, party hard and have a LOT OF FUN all around! Most importantly, we often do what many thought was impossible.

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