DNV GL and Alpha Ori sign new MOU to spur digital transformation in shipping

04 May 2020

Singapore, 4 May 2020: The maritime industry can benefit from digital technologies in a way that can have an immediate and transformative impact on design, operations, business models, and environmental impact. To harness this transformational power, smart tech company Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) and the world’s leading classification society DNV GL and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which they agree to work together to contribute to the marine industry’s ongoing digital transformation. The MOU will also see the companies work together to unlock the benefits of new digital technologies and methods, including sharing data collaboratively, and the creation of frameworks and standards, to develop new and enhance existing products and services.


Alpha Ori Technologies receives ISO 27001:2013 Certification (Information Security Management System)

20 Jan 2020

Alpha Ori Technologies is delighted to be awarded the SMS (Information Management Security System) ISO 27001:2013 certification, an internationally recognized standard that ensures all products and services meet the needs of customers through an effective information security management system. Team Alpha Ori were audited by IRClass and were presented with their certificate in January 2010.Gaining ISO 27001:2013 reinforces Alpha Ori Technologies relentless focus on creating industry-leading products and services, measured against global benchmarks of Shipping industry excellence.

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Peace of Mind

24 Dec 2019

Ship management will always require a deep bench of talented professionals, but the digital technologies undergirding day-to-day vessel operations and decision-making processes are evolving quickly. New developments in “big data” analytics and satcom connectivity are changing the way ships are run. On a growing number of vessels, the Noon Report is no longer the main tool for determining ship performance. Rather, the ship’s electronics systems send a near-continuous stream of information back to the home office, and vice versa. . . Read how Alpha Ori is transforming the maritime digital industry

One of a Kind

20 Dec 2019

The phrase, “Every ship is a prototype,” is common in the maritime industry. Thanks to the way vessels and even sister ships are built, each one represents a unique configuration of equipment linked together in a unique way to account for unique characteristics. This creates a headache for ship owners and managers that is specific to maritime. It’s not present in the aviation industry, for example, where all equipment is standardized and thus all issues have a straightforward and replicable solution. It’s a challenge for shipowners trying to improve efficiency. . . Read more

Surviving the age of smart ships

02 Dec 2019

A clutch of digital technologies – mainly industrial internet of things (industrial IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and blockchain – are bringing about a tech revolution in shipping. “India’s big contribution to the maritime industry is its workforce. The skill sets of our workforce are based on mechanical systems engineering and nau- in tical science and no radical innovation (in shipping) is happening in India. Whatever happened are only incremental innovations. Radical ones are happening in Scandinavia, Singapore and Japan,” Unni said. . . To know more about the technological changes happening read here

The SmartShip concept aims to digitise shipping: Synergy Group

27 Sep 2019

SmartShip is the new buzz word in the shipping industry. Chennai-based Synergy Group — leading ship managers with a fleet of 265 vessels and employing 10,000 seafarers — is on a voyage to transform the fragmented shipping industry with new technological innovations. Captain Rajesh Unni, Founder, and CEO, Synergy and Alpha Ori Group believes that the new concept is expected to redesign the industry with the right skills for people to meet the future needs of shipping . . . Please read excerpts from the entire interview here

AOT's digital solution making waves in global maritime sector

26 Sep 2019

The patented digital solution developed by Alpha Ori Technologies, (AOT)founded by Chennai and Singapore based Synergy group, a fast-growing ship management company, is making rapid strides in the global maritime sector. . . Read more about Alpha Ori's digital solution

CEO: Shipping Must Fully Embrace Digitalization to Prosper

10 June 2019

“Shipping has been conservative for far too long,” he said. “It is time for us to welcome change and emerge from the shadows. Technology unlocks potential, but the digital world and digital shipping must be embraced” . . . In CEO Talk, read what Capt. Unni says about SMARTShip and technological innovations

Shipping Fleet Management of the Future: Big Data, Automation and Digitalization To Boost Efficiency

11 April 2019

Automation was a key theme at the Sea Asia 2019 session where the panel addressed the question of whether complete automation of ships is near. The panel unanimously agreed that complete automation will not be seen in the near future, but instead, we are likely to see autonomous technologies complement human operations. The panel highlighted that digitalisation will result in a more connected, highly autonomous but still human-centered operation. . . Read what our AOT representative Sanjeev Namath said at the panel

Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip solutions receive ClassNK Type Approval

08 April 2019

In yet another first of sorts, Alpha Ori SMARTShip™ received Type Approval from Class NK. A mid size gas carrier “Hourai Maru”, delivered on 11th March, 2019 was the first ship certified with a ClassNK approved SMARTShip™. This approval is provided for a Computer Based System confirming to requirements as specified in relevant Class Society’s rules for a product performing ‘Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic’ , ‘Situational Awareness’ and ‘Decision Support Systems’ for onboard and onshore usage.

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Singapore firms are adopting Industry 4.0 technologies to bring the centuries-old shipping sector into the 21st century

13 November 2018

Digitalization is reshaping the world as we know it, transforming sectors in ways no one would have recognized just a short time ago. And the age-old shipping industry is no exception with exciting technological changes improving operations just as world trade is booming thanks largely to maritime transport.
One company playing what some would call a disruptive, yet positive, role in all of this is Alpha Ori Technologies, a Singapore-based firm that is moving the shipping business from archaic analog systems to connected and smart digitalization . . . Read the complete article here

Transforming shipping to a digital enterprise

4 October 2018

Singapore, October 2018: Capt. Rajesh Unni discusses how Alpha Ori Technologies is transforming the multi-trillion dollar maritime industry from analog, disjointed systems into smart digital enterprises, and explains the value creation it offers its client base, which includes big organizations like the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and ST Engineering. . . Read complete interview here

Technology is an integral part of shipping

September 2018

Singapore, September 2018: Bala Sankaran is the Co-CEO of Alpha Ori Technologies. Before that, he was the Vice President — Global Sales, Marketing Operations & Learning, at Twitter. Prior to Twitter, Bala spent six years doing various management roles in sales, sales operations, and advertisement agency business development functions at Google in New York City.
In his first and exclusive cover story, Bala Sankaran interacts with Nishit Doshi of Maritime Matrix Today, and talks about technology and its influence on shipping, about Alpha Ori Technologies, and of his seafaring experiences. . . Read more

Steering towards smart ships and digital enterprises

25 April 2018

Singapore, April 2018: The maritime industry is traditionally known for being conservative, but B2B technology start-up Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) is looking to shake things up. AOT is focused on transforming the multi-trillion-dollar maritime industry from analog, disjointed systems into smart digital enterprises. JUSTIN KOR speaks to Chief Executive Officer, Captain Rajesh Unni, on the importance of digitising the industry and what the future holds. . . Read complete interview here

Alpha Ori mentioned as a valuable player at Ministry of Transport’s Committee of Supply Debate 2018

07 March 2018

Singapore, Mar 2018: The Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health, Dr Lam Pin Min, during his speech at the Ministry of Transport’s Committee of Supply Debate 2018 mentioned about the role being played by Alpha Ori to create a suitable marine ecosystem at Singapore. Alpha Ori is one of the technology developers supported by MPA for realizing the maritime vision of Singapore to be the “Global Maritime Hub” for Connectivity, Innovation and Talent by 2030.
While addressing the committee he said, “Today, Singapore’s IMC is home to over 5,000 establishments and offers a comprehensive range of maritime services. Looking ahead, we will continue to grow the diversity of our services. Besides encouraging established companies to venture into new business activities, we will catalyse the growth of non-traditional players. These include maritime technology enterprises such as Alpha Ori and Metcore, and digital platforms like VesselsValue. To facilitate expertise and resource sharing between companies in the sector, MPA will also co-fund the cost of shared work spaces and services”...Read Full Story

MOU signed between ST Electronics and Alpha Ori to build smart fleet management system

29 August 2017

Singapore Technologies Electronics and Alpha Ori Technology Holdings are teaming up to build a platform that will consolidate smart data and apply analytics to improve fleet management.A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties on Tuesday to develop a smart data platform coined Starri - ST-Alpha Ori Reliable & Intelligent.The platform aims to provide ship owners, operators and others with smarter fleet management systems that can better anticipate resource requirements and improve fleet utilisation.

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First ships in the world to be certified Cyber SAFE delivered

29 May 2017

MOU-Signing-CeremonyThe first ships to be classed with Lloyd’s Register’s cyber notations have been delivered to Global United in Korea

Built by Hanjin Heavy Industries, in collaboration with Alpha Ori Technology, the ships have been awarded the notation Cyber (AL-SAFE) certifying the autonomous systems onboard as safe. This is the first real example of the digital transformation in shipping – the ships will operate in an autonomous mode for selected functions using cutting edge digital technology. The new cyber-enabled features allow crew to operate ships more efficiently. This is also the first example of a ship certified to stream data into a BigDATA platform. . . Read more

MPA inks five pacts to drive transformation

28 April 2017

Drones and artificial intelligence among technologies to be harnessed

One of Singapore's oldest industries - shipping - is embracing the very newest technology and innovations, such as drones and artificial intelligence, under a slew of initiatives. The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) has just inked five agreements with industry players as it ramps up efforts to build up maritime technological capabilities. The memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with local and global partners - including port operator PSA and Singapore Technologies Electronics (ST Electronics) - were signed yesterday at the opening of the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference. . . .Read more

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