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Data is the building block for today’s world. As businesses evolve to keep pace with shifting industries, we must rely on increasing amounts of accurate and timely data to make fast, smart decisions. The primary function of a data warehouse is the ability to receive data from multiple sources and in various formats, classify and categorize the data for easy and fast retrieval through some means, namely APIs.

In order for data to be meaningful and easily accessible, data must be categorized, indexed and stored with metadata. Data retrieval and sharing functionality enables data to interact across products and platforms and thereby capturing the true value of data. Data warehouse is a clear, integrated representation of a non-volatile collection of both historical and current data. Analysis of this data helps organizations make informed decisions.

Alpha Ori’s newly launched Data Exchange Platform, VIO (pronounced “Vaayo”) is a secure data platform that enables the exchange of maritime data for reporting & analytics across products and applications. VIO allows the ingestion and curation of data from various sources like SMARTShip, Ship ERP, Class Registry, 3rd party systems, etc. VIO enables data-driven business decisions and innovation through secure data exchange with other products/ platforms.
In short, AOT’s VIO with its subject oriented attributes provides a reliable and scalable platform for data pipeline, data orchestration, data curation and data warehousing.

Key Features

  • Ability to ingest structured and unstructured data in any file format
  • Conversion of unstructured data into structured data using internal data warehouse a. Data ingestion from 3rd party applications and systems b. Ability to categorize, index and store with metadata for long term
  • Well defined Interfaces for data extraction and export to 3rd party application ( based on REST API) a. Historical data download functionality upto 3 yrs b. Support for bulk loading and unloading data in various file formats c. Scheduled data export to 3rd party applications for data analysis d. APIs available for data sharing
  • VIO utilizes industry-leading features to ensure highest levels of security for data in storage as well as transit a. Object-level access control b. Automatic data encryption (using AES 256 strong encryption) c. Isolation of data (for loading and unloading) using policy and access controls d. Disaster recovery of historical data e. Support for securely sharing data with other systems and applications
  • Provide a single common data model (ISO 19848:2018 ) for all time series data
  • Integration with major maritime data sharing platforms


  • Availability of current and historical data across all systems and beyond for data mining
  • VIO enables near real-time analytics, benchmarking and insights for faster decision making
  • Helps to build holistic report and dashboard based on data from multiple systems including manual data entry
  • Provide a single common data model (ISO specification) for all data of interest regardless of the data’s source
  • Users can easily share data through VIO APIs with external stakeholders at ship owner’s request
  • Add value to operational business applications on Big Data platform
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