Job Title Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Type Undergraduate

Location Singapore
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Internship Opportunities

Alpha Ori Singapore Internship programme is designed to offer students an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies in the maritime industry.Based at our Center-of-Innovation, the interns will join our team of professions, comprising of technologist, data scientists, and maritime domain experts to jointly build technology solutions to usher shipping industry into the digital era.

The Brief

Operating a chemical tanker operation is a complex and tenacious operation. It requires one to understand the variety of chemical characteristics and requirements for transporting such goods, on top of voyage requirements and the need for voyage optimisation.Presently, masters and operators are dependent on the Loadicator and loading assist systems to develop and/or verifying loading plans. This goes through an iterative process. The plan is also dependent on the team’s experience and subject to human error and conditions. Taking future expansion into consideration, it is important to optimize the current process through adopting technologies to mitigate and assist with the complexities and challenges involved in various stages of stowage planning and the voyage. Alpha Ori would like the interns to take up this challenge and develop a platform to assist Chemical tanker masters and operators.


  • Configuration and provision of Amazon/Azure servers
  • Create, manage and test system environments
  • Plan and participate in disaster recovery tests and exercise
  • Maintain and develop technical documentation and standard operational procedures

Required Skills

  • Hands-on experience with Linux, Windows OS
  • Experience in Amazon Web Services / Cloud Services
  • Experience with system scripting (Unix shell script, PowerShell script. etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of security concepts and backup software

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