22 Mar 2021

Real time SMART Notification - Redefining Ship Operations

Alpha Ori Technologies’ (AOT) proprietary SMARTShip™, an Internet of Things (IOT) platform with both edge and shore analytics collects data from various ship systems including navigation, engine room & cargo system and provides 24/7 visibility helping mitigate some of the major pain points faced by the shipping industry. Currently, some of the most critical problems being addressed by SMARTShip are profitability of vessels, prevention of equipment failures, navigational safety , avoidance of non-compliance events etc. . .Read more

17 Feb 2021

How Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip™ Technology is revolutionizing maritime transportation

Maritime transportation is one of the oldest industries in the world, accounting for roughly 90% of global trade. Yet, there is still great potential in the future of maritime that can help ship owners and operators substantially improve and modernize the way they are currently doing business. Thanks to a new SMARTShip™ technology, members of the maritime industry are now able to advance along with the digital age to achieve faster cost savings and access data in real time to improve overall operations. . . Read more

20 Jan 20201

The Intelligent Ship – defining a new reality

"I am seeking for the bridge which leans from the visible to the invisible through reality.”
-Max Beckmann

The maritime industry is experiencing a generational shift. Digital technologies will create fresh opportunities and challenge the traditional competitive business models. To quote an example, when Apple introduced the iPhone a decade ago, it redefined the entire telecom industry and created an alternate smartphone segment. In a similar fashion, the shipping industry is on the brink of its defining moment. . . Read more

26 Oct 2019

Building a Great Product Management Team

As a leader in product management organization, one needs to think about building a great product management team and getting the best out of their product managers all the time. Whenever I have brought up this topic most of the conversation revolves around ‘building the right culture’ in a team. While the right culture is an essential ingredient of any team, building a great product management team must start with the acquisition of the right talent for the role and the company. Selecting the right candidates into your team can foster an environment of creativity, productivity, and collaboration, and prepare the ground for the success of your organization. . . Read more

27 Nov 2018

Blockchain in Shipping - The Hope, The Hype, and The Future Ahead

With the success of cryptocurrency startups such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Blockchain is at the peak of hype cycle. There is hardly any business vertical that remains unaffected by this phenomenon. Grand promises are being made by some whereas people who are easily attracted by buzzwords are gravitating to it, and assuming every possibility of change enabled by Blockchain. If there is one other buzzword that can match the hype of Blockchain it is Artificial Intelligence. There are millions of dollars being pumped into many new Blockchain startups in Silicon Valley and around the world. . . Read more

01 Aug 2017

Transforming Maritime Industry into Digital Enterprises

In 2016, the UN Chief acknowledged that ‘maritime transport is the backbone of global trade and global economy.' It is a well-known but overlooked fact that about 90% of the world trade is carried out by the international shipping industry. The import and export of goods on the scale necessary for modern world would not be possible without shipping, making it a vital piece of a puzzle in this age of globalization. . . Read more

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