14 Apr 2021

AOT SMARTShip Quick Promo 2021

Alphaori Technologies | Singapore Maritime Technology Conference 2021

10 August 2020

Navigating Towards Digital Transformation

Achieve Operational Excellence With Innovative Maritime Solutions!

Alpha Ori revolutionizes the way fleet ship management operates through digital transformation, providing extensive capabilities to manage fleet operations. With a suite of applications that consolidates into a powerful integrated system, it helps maritime stakeholders to access live data, enhance operations, and drive profitability. Check out how Alpha Ori can help manage and optimize ship maintenance, safety, and procurement workflows for the entire fleet, helping reduce maintenance costs and drive operational efficiency.

November 2018

Day in a life of a Super

SMARTShip is Indispensable in Digital Maritime Era

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) here talks about their SMARTShip application software and its various features and how it has made life easy for the seafaring community.SMARTShip is a real-time portal to visit ships virtually 24/7; including ship asset view, Intelligent Alert, Remote Diagnostic, Predictive Maintenance, Optimized fuel consumption, geofencing, camera applications.

23 August 2017

How are BigDATA and the IoT reshaping the shipping industry?

SMARTShip is Indispensable in Digital Maritime Era

Sam Jha, Chief Business Officer of Alpha Ori, talks about the prospects of these technologies in transforming the maritime industry. He also throws light on how these technologies are helping steer customers towards smart shipping.

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