Alpha Ori’s ASSET AI receives ClassNK Innovation Endorsement

April 2021

Ninth Edition

We at Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) are pleased to announce that we have received ClassNK certification for our predictive maintenance solution AssetAI. A marine specialized cloud based module, AssetAI runs on a real time basis, learns from sensor data of associated assets and utilizes the right machine learning algorithm to provide actionable insights.. . .Read more

Alpha Ori launches AssetAI 2.0

April 2021

Eighth Edition

Alpha Ori Technologies launched the second version of its AssetAI application: AssetAI PLUS. The updated version will continue to provide real time insights and proactive failure detection. Additionally, the application can now prescribe maintenance actions using continuous monitoring technologies, engage in machine learning algorithms and incorporate predictive analytics in its assessment. . .Read more

Alpha Ori Unveils Mobile App for SMARTShip®

February 2021

Seventh Edition

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT), the leading provider of maritime digital solutions unveiled its new mobile application SMARTShip GO. The mobile app, SMARTShip GO compliments the SMARTShip portal and provides the vessel's commercial, technical and navigation information at fingertips. The objective of the app is to provide relevant vessel information to SMARTShip customers on the Go. . .Read more

Alpha Ori announces strategic partnership with Bahri to deploy SMARTShip™

February 2021

Sixth Edition

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) the leading provider of maritime digital solutions and Bahri Ship Management (BSM) one of the renowned maritime service providers in the Middle East signed a contract to deploy SMARTShip™ platform on 40 ships in Bahri’s fleet. . .Read more

Counting 100 SMARTShip™ deployment and more

January 2021

Fifth Edition

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT), the leading provider of maritime digital solutions, announced that they now have 100 ships on their SMARTShipTM platform. This achievement underscores SMARTShip’s key role in maritime digital revolution through the latest technologies such as industrial IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning applications.. . .Read more

Alpha Ori Technologies Launches VIO - Data Exchange Platform

September 2020

Fourth Edition

Alpha Ori’s newly Launched Data Exchange Platform, VIO (pronounced “Vaayo”) is a secure data platform that enables the exchange of maritime data for reporting & analytics across products and applications. VIO allows the ingestion and curation of data from various sources like SMARTShip, Ship ERP, Class Registry, 3rd party systems, etc. VIO enables data-driven business decisions and innovation through secure data exchange with other products/ platforms. . .Read more

SMARTShip™ enabling Ship Operations during Covid-19 Pandemic

April 2020

Third Edition

It might be too early to conclude on how the world will look post-COVID’19, but it is certain to leave a long lasting impact and transform the world’s supply chain industry. The maritime sector has been slow to adopt SMART technologies. However, Covid-19 has shed a light on urgency to change and positioned SMARTShip™ and non-SMARTShip™ in stark contrast. . .Read more

Digitally Connected Ships for your Assistance

March 2020

Second Edition

Continued safety and reliability of assets, improved profitability and transparency of information are the pillars guiding our SMARTShip product development. Using equipment generated data, manually entered information (with plausibility checks in place), image data with visual analytics and possibility of conducting chats/interviews, we are currently working with our stakeholders to provide the following. . .Read more

SMARTShip™, 1.3 Version - Newer & Better

Feb 2020

First Edition

Alpha Ori Technologies is proud to announce our latest product release - SMARTShip V1.3 with new & improved features to enhance transparency on onboard operaons and flexibility to meet customer needs. Check out our new features! . .Read more

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