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Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) is a B2B SaaS based technology company.  In AOT, we use cutting edge tools to solve real-world issues for every stakeholder in the logistics value chain – Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Surveyors, Ship Registries, P&I Clubs, Shipbuilders, and others.  

Core to our thinking is treating every commercial ship as a floating digital enterprise. By applying new technologies (Industrial IoT, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms) and digitally connected ecosystems, we enable the shipping industry to drive remote operations, enhance operational efficiency, increase profitability, reduce carbon emissions & achieve the highest levels of safety on board ships.

Get your fleet connected

Internet Of Things is at the forefront of almost all of Alpha Ori’s product portfolio. By definition, The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems.

We have successfully developed the ability to connect to various equipment and control systems onboard ships through industry standard communication and network protocols enabling efficient data collection, storage and transfer.

Using IoT devices and sensory information, we can connect your entire fleet to Alpha Ori Technologies’ proprietary SMARTShip™ platform. Our technology enables us to capture up to 5000 data points which are transmitted securely through satellites every 30 seconds to the Cloud in an efficient and scalable manner. Alpha Ori Technologies’ IoT platform has enabled real time data collection from various shipboard systems across a large number of ships to continuously monitor performance, benchmark it and make data driven decisions.

More data means better business


Data points collected and counting

Make decisions in real time

AOT uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its primary cloud services provider. The term “cloud computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. AOT’s industrial IoT servers on the edge, as well as data connectors, interface with our servers residing in AWS Cloud. AOT strives to take advantage of major AWS offerings wherever feasible, including but not limited to: EC2, RDS, S3, Elasticache, Route 53, ELB, IAM, API Gateway, Sagemaker, Workspace, and WAF.

AOT sees the following benefits when using AWS:


Cloud allows for quick turnaround times by spinning up or down servers as required.

Cost Savings 

Economies of scale allows us to pass on savings we obtain to our customers.


Allows us to scale rapidly as needed by our increased installation footprint.

Faster Innovation 

Wide set of features allows for faster turnaround times and rapid innovation.

Global Deployment 

Cloud adoption allows us to deploy globally in minutes.

Make your data work for you

Big Data technically is an umbrella term that represents a combination of different types of data (namely structured, semi structured and unstructured data) and its associated applications. 

The data sources in Big Data (which often run into terabytes or even petabytes) by themselves are not very useful unless there are associated systems and algorithms that can process and derive insights from the data. The Big Data systems in AOT typically harness the power of Cloud (namely AWS) and Big Data Frameworks (such as Spark, Hive etc) to uncover hidden trends and patterns in the data. 

Coupling this with Machine Learning algorithms (such as Regression, Clustering etc) which are applied on top of Big Data accelerates this process by turning data into insights helpful for business operations. What started as a way of gaining a competitive edge over peers, has now become the new norm for organizations in this age of digital transformation. We at AOT have caught this trend early on and almost all our applications harness the power of Big Data to help our clients reach their full potential. 

The overview to optimize

The Data Science team in AOT leverages the combination of Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to uncover patterns and insights within the data. Stand-alone data will not make much difference unless it is associated with domain expertise. 

Our team of Maritime domain experts work in tandem with our team of Data Scientists to bring the best possible experience to our customers. In this regard the team at AOT has taken several standalone AI initiatives that involve supporting our existing AI applications (Such as TFOC, Asset AI) as well as exploring additional avenues to derive value to our clients. 

Our SaaS solutions employ different languages (Python, R, AMPL), different algorithms (Regression, Classification, Neural Networks) and different toolkits (AWS Cloud) as appropriate to the problem statement at hand. We also have the capability to deliver custom algorithms and solutions as is expected by our customers.

Some examples of these additional initiatives would be

Face and Posture Detection

for operational support

Fire and Leak Detection

for safety

Voyage Analysis Dashboard

for improving performance

Voyage Simulator

for analyzing scenarios

Data that talks to everyone

Alpha Ori Technologies’ cloud-based, highly scalable, near real-time data exchange and analysis platform is enabling exchange of maritime data for the business industry.

It is built to support multi-tenants in a highly secured environment by storing data in customer-centric isolated storage space. This data exchange platform capability has enabled the data exchange between ship to shore, shore to shore and third-party applications in Alpha Ori Technologies’ proprietary VIO platform.

The platform combines the power of data warehousing for AOT SMARTShip™ applications along with data exchange integrations from/to external vendors and major maritime data sharing platforms through APIs. It also supports structured and semi-structured data in any file format. It is an integrated solution that allows the ingestion and curation of data from various sources such as SMARTShip™, Ship ERP, Class Registry, third party systems and beyond. The data pipelines are designed and built in such a way that enables integration with new vendors with a minimum development cycle.

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