SMART Notification
– Compliance and Safety


SMART Notification helps improve compliance and safety

One of the core competencies for Alpha Ori lies in the fact that we are shaping the future of Maritime Industry through technology by bringing about a shift in mindset from a reactive to a proactive to a predictive approach. Alpha Ori’s proprietary SMARTShip™ platform is a Cloud hosted dual core extensible platform that connects to a large number of ships to collect live data and provide real time analytics and insights to increase operational efficiency. With 200+ ships on-board the SMARTShip™ platform, we receive on average 1.8 billion data points per day.

The ability to process the volume, velocity and veracity of the data received from SMARTShip™ vessels is its biggest strength. Being able to extract meaningful insights from that data to help our customers take pre-emptive decisions to avoid non-compliance or to prevent equipment failures is where SMART Notification comes into the picture.

SMART Notification is a simple and intuitive but extremely impactful SMARTShip™ feature for “real time alerts and decision support” which is redefining the way ship and shore users are being alerted about overall health of the vessel in terms of safety, reliability and compliance. The SMART Notification feature enables users to define, view, and subscribe to system notifications and alerts in real time.  With SMART Notification users can:

Below are some of the actual use cases of SMART Notification which has resulted in maintaining compliance and safety of the vessel and the ship crew.

  • Create intelligent alerts which can be categorized as Alarm, Critical, Warning or Informational
  • Use a combination of multiple tags to create conditional alerts for each vessel
  • Have the flexibility to receive the alerts on the SMARTShip™ web platform, through email or via our SMARTShip Go mobile application
  • Users can perform math functions on various parameters like average, count, etc. to create customized alerts

Use Case # 1

ECA Compliance through SMARTShip


The ECA application in SMARTShip helps the vessel crew to enter and exit these ECA zones without non-compliances. It is important that users of the platform from ship to shore receive timely notifications which help them maintain compliance with all the laws and regulations. The ECA SMART Notifications pane shows the notifications which the application triggers during the stage of changeover. A few examples are:

  • Ship enters ECA-SOx
  • Fuel changeover
  • Ship less than 100 Nautical Miles (NM) from ECA


As observed from the screenshot, the user of the platform received notification before the ship entered an ECA-SOX compliance zone. Also, it can be noted that the alert was categorized as ‘Alarm’ indicating the severity and importance of the notification.


As a result of this SMART Notification, the following actions were taken:

  • The ship and the shore staff were in immediate communication regarding the necessary preventive measures to ensure compliance before entering the ECA-SOX zone.
  • The detailed description (which is user configurable) in the notification, provided the depth and granularity of exact steps to be performed by the ship crew
  • Users were directly able to click on the notification and go to the ECA application within SMARTShip from where the notification was triggered.
  • Users were able to perform a complete drill down analysis based on the notification generated to ensure change over to low Sulfur FO was initiated and that the FO temperature and viscosity were being monitored continuously to adhere to ECA and any other local regulations.

Use Case # 2:

SMARTShip Notification module


SMARTShip™’s Notification module is a centralized SMARTShip’s Notification module is a centralized application where users can view all historical and active notifications for any vessel in their fleet. The notification module provides additional insights into the time when a notification was triggered, notification severity (warning, critical or alarm) and details of the sensor(s) such as category, system name, instance, sensor name, sensor value, unit, and sensor description.


During one of the voyages of a SMARTShip installed Vessel, an ‘Alarm’ notification was triggered indicating ‘Navigational Equipment Status – Abnormal’


  • The reason for SMARTShip™ triggering that notification was because the ship captain had updated the vessel status as ‘Not Under Command’ as it was drifting at sea and the ME was not in use.
  • This alert brought about the transparency and effectiveness of keeping the shore users aware of the vessel status.

The above two use cases are just a sneak peek into the tremendous value SMART Notification can bring to the users of the SMARTShip™ platform. With SMART Notification, vessel operators, charterers and other maritime executives have real-time access to ship operations providing instantaneous value realization to all stakeholders through integrated insights, transparency and enhanced collaboration

The benefits of SMART Notification are limitless. To summarize, with SMART Notifications users have:

  • Virtual access to the ship anytime
  • 24 x 7 visibility into ship and equipment condition
  • Reduced dependency on ship crew for condition monitoring
  • Ability to assist ship crew better during emergencies

The ability to receive SMART Notifications through the SMARTShip Go mobile application is an added benefit for the user. This ensures that safety and compliance of the vessel is maintained throughout the year and at any given point in time.

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