Smart Tech Times - Edition 1

Feb 2020

CEO's Corner

The world of shipping is undergoing a tremendous technology-driven change and, we are honored to be a part of your digital transformation journey. Our technology & product team has made rapid changes to meet many of your feedback and feature requests.

We believe we have developed a game-changing product that will significantly optimize not only your day to day operational workstreams but also set you up to invent or discover a new approach to serving your clients’ needs.

This newsletter is an initiative to provide quick information about our progress and products to all of you. We will endeavor to improve its content, format, and frequency based on your feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with all you in this new decade.
Bala Sankaran

Company Update: SMARTShip™, 1.3 Version - Newer & Better

Alpha Ori Technologies is proud to announce our latest product release - SMARTShip V1.3 with new & improved features to enhance transparency on onboard operations and flexibility to meet customer needs. Check out our new features!

New Features


Overview of all charter party requirements for your fleet. Receive an alert if one or more parameters do not meet charter party compliance.


Receive live reports on demand (i.e. noon reports, bunker reports, charter party voyage reports, voyage assessment reports, engine performance reports, etc.


Receive live reports on demand (i.e. noon reports, bunker reports, charter party voyage reports, voyage assessment reports, engine performance reports, etc.

Other Features

Overlay and compare your current performance against shop/sea trial

Data Download and API Access
Download your ship’s data beyond the past three months; access near-live data through our APIs for 3rd party applications

AIS Integration (3rd Party)
View your entire fleet’s location in SMARTShip fleet view

Production Monitoring Tool (AOT Internal)
A tool to manage data integrity in SMARTShip system and alert the administrators at first instance of failure

TFOC with Key Enhancements
Benchmark and save on fuel consumption

"Enhancing the customer experience is a key objective of our digitalization journey. With our latest SMARTShip version we bring new functionalities such as Commercial Dashboard, Reporting & Ship KPIs Module, Configurable Reports, and AIS Integration among many others. At AOT, our core product strategy & design is built to drive innovation through experimentation and rapid iteration with customer feedback."
Sam Jha
Chief Product Officer, AOT

Alpha Ori Technologies receives ISO 27001:2013 Certification

Alpha Ori Technologies is delighted to be awarded the SMS (Information Management Security System) ISO 27001:2013 certification, an internationally recognized standard that ensures all products and services meet the needs of customers through an effective information security management system. Gaining ISO 27001:2013 reinforces Alpha Ori Technologies’ relentless focus on creating industry-leading products and services, measured against global benchmarks of Shipping industry excellence.

"Securing ISO 27001 is a major step for AOT to lead the way in providing world-class live performance monitoring and enhancing platform in a safe and secure environment by adhering to the highest standards."
Biju Nair
Chief Technology Officer, AOT

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